Dual Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

    Dual Enrollment Information

    Dual Enrollment at UMass Lowell means engaging with faculty and current students, an immersed learning environment, and chipping away at college credits - all while students are still in high school. This is an excellent opportunity for students seeking an academic challenge in preparation of enrolling in college.

    I am ready to apply for dual enrollment courses. How do I submit my application?
    Fill out the UMass Lowell Undergraduate Application. You will need to submit the application complete with your parent or guardian’s signature. We also require your high school counselor’s approval to enroll in a dual enrollment course and an official high school transcript.

    Do I need to re-apply if I have already taken dual enrollment courses at UMass Lowell during a previous semester?
    You are not required to submit a new application if you have already completed dual enrollment courses at UMass Lowell in the past year. Instead, please fill out the Non-Degree Re-Enroll Form. If you were enrolled in UMass Lowell dual enrollment courses greater than one year ago, please complete the UMass Lowell Undergraduate Application for consideration as a dual enrollment student.

    What are the requirements to enroll?
    High school juniors and seniors who have a minimum GPA of 3.0. These students must also demonstrate the ability to benefit from college-level work and should be recommended by their high school principals, teachers, or high school counselors. The University of Massachusetts Lowell reserves the right to decline admittance to students on the basis of the student’s academic ability.

    When is the deadline to apply?
    We encourage you to apply as soon as you know you would like to take a dual enrollment class. We will need to process your application and register you for classes before the start of a semester.

    When can I enroll in coursework?
    Registration for fall coursework will begin on August 15 and registration for spring coursework will begin on December 15. The Undergraduate Admissions Office requires receipt of official transcripts with final grades in current college coursework prior to enrollment.

    What is the cost?
    The cost of dual enrollment courses is based on credits and most of our courses are three credits. Please review our part-time tuition structure for Massachusetts residents here, New England Regional here, and out of state students here. Students are responsible for tuition and applicable fees as well as any required course materials.

    What classes can I take?
    High school students are eligible to take almost any 1000 or 2000 level course through dual enrollment. Exceptions may be made if a student has completed course prerequisites through Advanced Placement or other dual enrollment courses. Check the Academic Catalog for course listings.

    Are there online courses available?
    Online courses are available through Graduate, Online and Professional Studies. Please contact OCE_Admissions@uml.edu for more information on online courses.

    Are there summer courses available?
    Rising high school juniors and seniors have various options to engage with UMass Lowell over the summer while also earning college credit through Launch Summer Pre-College Programs. All other summer courses are available through Graduate, Online and Professional Studies. Please contact OCE_Admissions@uml.edu for more information on online courses.

    What are the responsibilities associated with dual enrollment?
    Students are responsible for getting to every class on time, or otherwise communicating with your professor. Should you need extra help or any accommodations, you will be responsible for contacting your professor. Unfortunately, your parents cannot contact the professor on your behalf.

    Do I need to provide a record of my Covid-19 vaccine?
    The university strongly recommends that all members of the campus community remain up to date on COVID-19 vaccinations.

    Can I receive the same learning accommodations that I receive in high school?
    If you would like to inquire about available accommodations, you will need to contact the office of Disability Services as soon as you are approved to take a course. They will determine what reasonable accommodations can be provided to you.

    When do courses begin?
    Please check the UMass Lowell Undergraduate Academic Calendar for semester calendars.

    Who can I contact for more information?
    Genesy Gil is the Dual Enrollment Coordinator in UMass Lowell’s Undergraduate Admissions office. Please contact Genesy_Gil@uml.edu or 978-934-3931 or complete the Non-Degree Inquiry Form for more information.