Claim your UML Email Account to View Your Financial Aid

    Use this guide to help you, an accepted undergraduate admissions student, claim your email and access your financial aid information from UMass Lowell.

    You can continue to keep track of your admissions tasks in the admissions portal, however financial aid will be in the UML SIS which is a separate campus log in using your UML campus email.

    Please note: Your UML email account will not have a mailbox to send and receive emails until you are an enrolled student. You will only be able to access the SiS Student Center to view your financial aid award and submit documents to the Financial Aid Portal at this time.

    1. Lookup your UML email account using your UMass Lowell 8 digit Student ID. 

    2. Follow the instructions on the myPassword page to change your password and add your security questions. Your default password will follow this format: Riverhawk12345678, where the last eight digits are your student ID. When using myPassword for the first time, users should click on Change my Password to create a new password.

    Note: Your default password is in the following format: The word Riverhawk (uppercase for the first "R" only) followed by your Student ID (ex: Riverhawk12345678, where the 8 digits are your UML Student ID). 

    4. Once your password and security questions are set up, log into your SiS Student Center to view your financial aid award.

    5. The system will alert you to download MFA/DUO authentication confirmation to protect your identity.

    Please reach out to us if you have any questions.